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Things to do in Nidri

Things to do in Nidri

There’s a whole heap of things to do in Nidri!

To start with, both the beach of Nidri and the nearby beaches of Lefkada are ideal for swimming, while many of them also have water sports facilities. Taking a dip in the best beaches in Lefkada is a unique experience!

If you’re up for an excursion, you can catch a boat from Nidri port and explore the verdant islets of Kefalonia, Meganisi, and Scorpios. From the port of Nidri also depart boats to Porto Katsiki beach.

During the summer, there are many cultural events taking place in Nidri. Taking part in one of these events is the perfect chance to partake in the island’s culture and learn about the local tradition.

If you love sailing, then Nidri might be a wonderful destination for you. That’s because, one of the biggest sailing events, the South Ionian Regatta, is held in Nidri every year. If, on the other hand, you are a nature lover, then you should definitely visit Dimosari waterfalls in Nidri. Dimosari waterfalls boast a beautiful natural setting and are the perfect place to cool yourself in the summer heat.

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